What’s The Difference Between A $8,000 And A $21,000 First Class Flight?

October 19

We’ve all heard about “First Class.”

And the fact that you're reading this right now means you probably want to learn how to fly first class. 

When it comes to domestic flights or “short-haul” flights, you might’ve seen that it’s basically just a fluffier, more-reclined seat.

Sometimes instead of 3 seats in a row like there is in economy, there are only 2 instead.

So overall, it’s much more comfortable.

But when I say “First Class” that’s NOT what I’m talking about at all…

I’m talking about this:

first class flight

Crazy, right? Yeah, that’s a seat on an airplane. Quite a bit different than the $100 upgrade to “First Class” you might’ve seen on most flights.

Let’s talk a little about the differences in classes.

Domestic Or Short-Haul Flights

On Domestic or Short-Haul flights, here’s what we have:

  • Economy
  • Economy+ (slightly more legroom, maybe some other perks)
  • First Class (sometimes called business class if it’s a flight that happens to be going somewhere close and international)

The First Class experience here is mostly like this:

economy plus flight

Not bad, I guess. Better than the back, for sure. And on some flights like longer transcontinental flights (NYC to LAX) they might even have true business-class seating, which we’ll get into in a sec.

Medium-Haul And Long-Haul Flights

On Medium-Haul to Long-Haul, Most Big International Routes:

  • Economy
  • Premium Economy (like Economy+ domestically but a bit better)
  • Business Class
  • FIRST Class (FYI not all airlines/planes/routes have it)

Business Class features fully lie-flat seats (almost always), and might look something like this:

business class flights

That looks a lot more comfortable, and it is! A much better way to fly anywhere, if you ask me 🙂

This includes access to a nice lounge on the ground, a much nicer seat, better food than economy, etc.

Basically, an excellent way to fly almost anywhere.

BUT, some airlines offer a true first class product, and this is where things get a little crazy.

Like Emirates:

emirates first class

Or Etihad (one of my personal favorites)… they call it the “Apartment”… crazy.

These products also include a nicer (and more private) lounge on the ground.

Plus many airlines will  drive you to and from the plane on the tarmac in either a limo, mercedes/porsche, or sometimes a nice van if they’re taking all 4 or 6 first class passengers at once.

Yeah… 4 or 6 … on a plane that holds 400 people… pretty private lol.

The point of this entire thing is that there is in fact A WHOLE OTHER LEVEL to flying that most people don’t know exists.

I mean… did you know you can shower on the plane in some first class cabins? A pretty crazy experience you should definitely try, especially after a long flight.

Not to mention the best champagne in the world, caviar service…

You want filet mignon? You got it.

Not to mention you can usually eat whenever you want instead of some cattle class food service where you better eat it the second they offer it.

And by the way, some of the most comfortable pajamas I’ve ever gotten came from First Class.

I still wear them to this day, lol.

It’s basically the best of the best in travel comfort.

The best part of all this is that you can fly these incredible luxury products, business or first, for very very close to free.

Most people think you’d have to shell out $15,000 – $30,000 to fly this way, but in reality, you can get it done for 80-100k points! A complete no brainer!

You don’t have to be uber-rich to do it, you just have to understand the points game and let it change your travel lifestyle for the better.

So if you’re ready to level up your travel, Lux Travel Hacks can show you the way.

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