The Banks Are LYING To You – How They’re Stealing 90% Of Your Credit Card Points

October 26

We all know credit cards are designed to make the banks money.

And to motivate people to spend more, some banks give us points, cash back, and other miscellaneous perks and rewards

Seems like a good deal, right?

Side note: I never recommend anything but a good, points-earning card. Definitely try to avoid using cash back cards or a “fake travel rewards” cards like some from Bank of America and Wells Fargo.

We’ll get into the ins and outs of why that is in a different article…

But did you know…

These same banks and credit card companies are straight-up lying about the value of these points and miles they’re giving you.

They just conveniently avoid mentioning the best ways to redeem these rewards.

And instead, they intentionally tell you to redeem points through their in-house “travel portals”…

Which are basically in-house travel agencies for commission purposes, another profit center.

Which means you get BOTTOM DOLLAR value for your points!

I just helped a client book a $11,000 Emirates First Class flight (if you don’t know how baller this is, google it… it’s crazy) and check this out…

Amex or Chase would’ve charged anywhere from 750,000 – 1,100,000 points for this.

They would happily let you book it in an instant at this number.

But that seems pretty ridiculous to me.

I mean… over a million points for ONE FLIGHT is just a big bag of crazy.

But guess what he got it for?

90k points.

Literally 10 times LESS than what the banks said his points were worth. Sounds a lot better than wasting a million points…

So how's this possible?

Great question.

To start, you have to understand at a fundamental level that you cannot, under any circumstances, redeem points through the bank’s travel portals.

This is a surefire way to burn through all your points and get 10 times less what you deserve.

So what's the answer?

Easy. Transfer Partners.

These points cards (the good ones, anyway) tend to have a ton of flight and hotel partners to transfer to…

And THIS is where the true value lies.

I was just finding some quick examples for a client and saw a $12,000+ first class flight to Europe that would’ve cost 1.2 MILLION amex points, and we were able to get it for 87k points instead.

Another example was a $8,000 business class flight that would’ve cost 600-800k amex/chase points, and we were able to get it for just 57k amex/chase points.

I mean… CRAZY before and after we’re talking about here.

Now, it’s not so simple to just pick one, transfer, and book a flight. It takes making the right moves and choosing the right ones to ensure you’re able to get crazy stuff like my client got and pay pennies on the dollar.

That’s where Lux Travel Hacks comes in. My job is to make sure you understand the ins and outs of these transfers, so you never have to settle for sad value ever again.

After all, we’re in this game to get incredible luxury travel for free, over and over again. Not burn through a million points for one flight for one person.

Inside the program, I’ll show you EXACTLY which cards to open and in what order. In most cases, you can get enough points to fly on a big international first class flight from just the first couple sign-on bonuses!

That alone would pay for the course 20 times over!

So never forget – the banks and credit card companies don’t have your best interests at heart, so make sure you take advantage of these programs as much as possible, and get the life-changing travel experiences you deserve.

If you want more info on not only how to fight back against the banks but use their own tricks against them to get 10x the value from your credit card points, then I recommend joining Lux Travel Hacks today.

I cover everything from A to Z on credit card points, travel hacking, and traveling in maximum luxury for virtually.

With my system, anyone can learn to travel in true luxury for free without being rich.

Click here to get more details.

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