Denied For A Credit Card? No Problem, Use The “Reconsideration” Trick To Get Back In ASAP

November 2


You apply for some sort of credit – a credit card, an auto loan, a mortgage even.

And you get a big fat no, instead of the yes you were hoping for.

But why? You have a 700+ credit score, you make all your payments on time, you haven’t asked for credit in a year or two…

Weird, right?

But I’ll let you in on a little secret. It happens ALL THE TIME. To people with perfect credit history, to people with imperfect credit history, and even to many in between.

Thankfully, at least in the credit card world, there’s a quick, easy route to turning that no into a big fat yes!

It’s called reconsideration.

If you haven’t heard of this, this is basically the art of appealing the decision the credit card company gave you.

For a lot of people, reconsideration might be the difference between getting tons of points and incredible luxury travel for free… and not!

So it’s important, to say the least.

Let’s talk about how it works.

So let's say you just got denied.

There are special numbers you can call, different ones for different banks, that will put you in touch with the right department to handle this sort of thing.

Once you’re on the phone with them, there’s a set of things you have to say to get them to appeal this decision.

Most of the time, either it was something totally harmless they needed to clarify, or the computer auto-denied you for some specific reason that’s not important to the human version, or they just needed to know a little more about your intentions, before they gave you the card.

Simple enough, right? Sorta… it tends to work really well, but of course there’s a method to the madness.

Thankfully, inside Lux Travel Hacks, we talk about this in detail, and TONS of people in our private group have had crazy success with this concept.

Opening the right cards is a crucial part of the points game, and I don’t mean opening a TON but you gotta at least build a solid foundation to sustain yourself long-term in this free luxury travel game.

And these no’s you might get every now and then, are just a normal part of the game.

Learning to expect them and manage them can make all the difference, regardless of your credit history. That’s why reconsideration is a golden concept that you have to master.

I’ve helped so many people turn their no’s into yes’s, and you’re next 😉

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