How To Book A 5-Star Luxury Vacation, The RIGHT Way

October 12

Today, I want to show you the difference between booking a trip the conventional way and the Lux Travel Hacks way.

Not only will I show you how to save a butt-load of points (and cash)…

I'll also show you why traveling in true luxury is the same price as flying in economy when you do it using my strategies.

So let’s get into it.

First off, let's assume you've stacked up a couple hundred thousand points over the last year or so. You probably have a few credit cards, have normal daily spend, maybe invested in yourself and your business, etc…

So now it’s time to put those points to good use for this year’s trip for you and your loved one(s).

But unfortunately, this is where most people go wrong.

The process most people follow usually starts and ends with their credit card's travel portal.

AKA you login, the portal says you have 200k points, you click travel, and you pick a flight.

And if you want to travel business or first class, not even 200k points is enough.

So you cry yourself to sleep as you settle for an economy flight.

For example, let's take a look at this flight to Greece (on Amex's travel portal):

Here you can see EWR (New York City basically) to Athens, Greece.

I chose first class, and even with Amex’s generous discount, you’re looking at almost a MILLION points to get this done.

And this is only for a one-way flight for one person.


Unattainable is kind of an understatement.

If you wanted a round-trip flight, you'd likely need at least 1.8 million points.

And for two people?

We're talking 3.6 million points.

Yeah…that's not gonna work.

Like I said, at this point most people see the crazy amount of points required to fly first and give up altogether.

And they decide to just use their points for an economy flight and call it day.

But not today.

This is Lux Travel Hacks.

We NEVER settle for economy class.

Because with my Lux Travel Hacks strategies, that same flight would look a little like this.

Same exact flight, same plane, same first class, same everything.

The only difference is instead of booking via the credit card company's travel portal, I booked directly with the airline.

And all it cost was 85k points + $100 bucks.

That's over 10x the points value every other credit card company was offering.

So now instead of being suffocated in economy class for 9 hours, you now get to travel like a baller in Emirates First Class.

Which btw, looks like this:

first class flight luxury travel

A private suite for every person, some of the best food in the world (rivaling the greatest land-based restaurants), the highest quality champagne, caviar, premium pajamas and pillows, you name it…

A truly out-of-this-world experience.

And you can get it done for the same amount of points many would have used on an economy flight.

Just look at what an economy flight would’ve been in the travel portal:

credit card points travel

Sure, it might be 10k fewer points but it's economy class.

Which makes first class a no-brainer.

So now that your flight is covered, let's look at hotels.

Here’s a beautiful property in Santorini I chose:

“Perched above the picturesque fishing town of Ammoudi, the property is inspired by traditional Cycladic architecture, combining natural and earthy materials with modern design and style. It is the only property on the island that offers both sea and sunset views from the privacy of each of the 49 luxury suites and villas. Canaves Oia Epitome invites you to experience life’s finest things.”

I don't know about you, but that sounds pretty fancy to me.

Here's what it looks like:

Santorini luxury trip 5 star hotel Santorini


So you're probably wondering, how much is this going to cost?

If we booked through an Amex travel portal, here's exactly how much it would cost:

136k points per night for a $1,368/night room.

So for three nights, you’re talking about a 400k points cost…

Only three nights!

This is simply not realistic for most people.

Most people are NOT going to spend 400k points for 3 nights at a hotel.

However, when you book the right way (through the right point transfer partners), it looks like this:

Only 35k points per night when booked directly with Hyatt.

MUCH more doable 🙂

So for 3 nights at this 5-star hotel, that comes out to ~100k points.

Not only does this save you 300k points, but it makes the entire process much more realistic for the average person.

Plus we got 5x the value Chase or Amex would have given us.

As you can see, luxury travel hacking doesn't have to be complicated.

If you paid out of pocket, this trip to Greece would cost you $44,200 out of pocket ($40,000 for 2 first-class round trip tickets + $4,200 for 3 nights at the hotel).

But instead of paying $44,200, you got the entire trip for virtually free (plus a couple hundred bucks in taxes that are unavoidable)

Ask yourself…

Would it be worth it to learn how to travel like a millionaire, take a $45,000 trip, and pay less than $500 to do it?

Hopefully the answer is clear.

So If you want to learn how to travel in maximum luxury like for pennies on the dollar, then make sure you join Lux Travel Hacks today.

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