How To Use Travel Hacking To Fight Back Against Rising Travel Costs

October 5

When travel costs go up, there's a way to fight back.

Of course I'm talking about points and miles, baby!

When you leverage the amazing points programs that the credit card companies give us…you get rewarded with amazing, free travel.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

Joe Schmo wants to take a trip to Zurich, Switzerland, and use that as a home base for some cool snow-related activities.

Joe wants to go with his wife.

On average, that’s a $5-7k round trip per person in business class.

It used to be $3-5k!

You’re talking about a $12k average cost to take two people to Switzerland…

And in FIRST class? What used to be $8-10k round trip before is now $10-15k… and some are WAY more than that.

Umm… kinda ridiculous…

That’s just flights.  You haven’t even gotten ski gear, lift passes, hotels, food, etc.

And if you wanna take a couple kids or some friends, forget about it!

CRAZY expensive.

So here's how you would use my Lux Travel Hacks to get this same $10k trip for significantly less:

  1. Open the RIGHT credit card, this is a card that earns points rather than cash back, but most importantly, TRANSFERABLE points. In other words, they can be transferred to various airlines and hotels to get max value. Good examples are Chase Sapphire Preferred or American Express Gold.
  2. Using one of our favorite transfer partners like Air France or Avianca Lifemiles, find the flight you’re looking for in business class.
  3. Transfer points into the program you found the flight on from your credit card (remember you’ll only be able to do this if it’s the RIGHT kind of card/points, so that’s super important).
  4. Book it like a normal flight, but using points this time, and BOOM, you just got thousands of dollars for free, by knowing where to look and how to maximize your points 😉 Not only that, but you beat the “valuations” of the cc companies by 4-5x.

Using the simple tips above, Joe is able to significantly lower the cost of his Swiss trip.

Now, although rising travel costs are inevitable…

It doesn’t mean you can’t travel!

You just have to make some simple tweaks and be open to doing things a little bit differntly.

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