Secret Hack To Buying Miles

June 22

You might’ve seen some other articles about points and miles.

And even dabbled in the travel and points game yourself.

But just like anything, if you don’t jump into a world all-in it’s tough to get the max out of it.

And I completely understand – sometimes it’s very difficult to jump head-first into something new that you don’t know anything about.

But sometimes a window of opportunity opens up…

Allowing you to experience the crazy baller trips we talk about getting on points.

Without needing to actually have any points.

How is that even possible?

Some programs will occasionally run special promotions allowing you to buy into a bunch of points at a VERY attractive rate.

Making it possible to acquire massive amounts of points for pennies on the dollar.

Effectively giving you a 60-80% discount on business/first class flights.

As an example, Lifemiles (Avianca’s program) is currently running a 150% bonus on buying miles.

Making the cost per mile around 1.3 cents per mile if you try to buy some.

And Lifemiles will usually charge 63k miles for a one-way business class flight to Europe.

This usually costs around $2.5-3.5k.

But right now you can acquire these miles, even if you are starting from scratch.

For around $900.

Giving you basically 70% or more off the average cost of that business class flight!

An incredible value.

And if you look for FIRST CLASS instead of business.

For example, on Lufthansa’s incredible first class product to/from Frankfurt and Munich.

Lifemiles will charge 87k, which can currently be acquired for around $1,200.

Now, first class one-ways are expensive and tend to be around $9k, but round trips hover around $11k, so let’s say an average cost of $5.5k if we split the round trip cost below in half.

But you can get it for $1,200.

Another MASSIVE discount of 80%.

So what does all this mean to you?

Even if you’re not in the game, you can still get access to the most luxurious stuff without any advance setup or planning.

Now, I don’t recommend doing this long-term, and in fact, the programs usually restrict how many points you can acquire this way.

And it’s always better to build out your own points structure so you can level up your travel lifestyle long-term, not just one time.

But when it makes sense, it makes sense.

And when doesn’t it make sense to get luxury for pennies?

The answer is never!  See you in first class 🙂


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