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Award Points vs Cash Redemption Calculator

use this calculator to determine if you are maximizing your points value or losing money

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Point Redemption Value Guidelines

  • 🤑 10c or More - You've hit a goldmine. Book ASAP and enjoy your free dream vacation.
  • 😎 5c to 10c - Amazing redemption. If it checks all the boxes of your trip, don't wait!
  • 😀 2.5c to 5c - Good to great redemption. You might find a better redemption but if this fits your travel plans, go for it.  
  • 🫤 2c - 2.5c - This is the bare minimum. Good for hotels but could be better for flights. Use points only if no other options.
  • 🤮 1.99c or Less - STOP. Do not waste your points. You are basically losing money.