Clone of Lux Travel Hacks Masterclass – T1v2 - Lux Travel Hacks By Andy Cantu

Learn My Simple Strategy To Fly First Class And Stay In 5 Star Hotels For Free (Or Pennies On The Dollar) Without Being Rich In 30 Days Or Less

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Training Agenda

  • The 3 Big Secrets To Flying First Class And Staying In 5 Star Hotels
  • See how my client booked a free trip to italy starting from scratch
  • How To Earn An "Infinite" Amount of points without sign-up bonuses
  • why you don't need to be rich to travel in maximum luxury
  • Stay Till The End And Get 3 Free Bonus Gifts

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The Ultimate Blueprint To Travel in Maximum Luxury for free (even starting from zero)

Lux Travel Hacks is a step-by-step training program that teaches virtually anyone how to travel in luxury for free (or as close to free as possible) by leveraging credit cards to get maximum value for their points. Stop settling for economy class flights and 3-star hotels. With Lux Travel Hacks, you'll be able to fly first class and stay in prestigious 5-star hotels for free without changing your lifestyle or spending habits. Designed for both beginner and advanced travel hackers, Lux Travel Hacks is a no-brainer for anyone who travels even once per year. 

What you'll learn inside Lux Travel Hacks...

  • 80+ Step-By-Step Videos To Transform You Into A Travel Hacker To Fly First Class, Stay In 5-Star Hotels, And Experience A Life Of Luxury For Free (or Pennies On The Dollar) In 30 Days Or Less
  • The Art Of Redeeming For Max Luxury: Learn How To Get 5-10x The Value From Your Points (Without Changing Your Spending Habits)
  • How To Leverage Sign-up Bonuses Properly And Accumulate A Windfall Of Points Fast
  • Dirty Little Secrets: What Credit Card Companies And Banks Don't Want You To Know (And Why They Give You So Little Value For Your Points)
  • The Top 10 “Under The Radar” Credit Cards For Travel Hackers (and How To Position Yourself To Get Approved Fast)
  • Why Applying For More Credit Cards Won’t Damage Your Credit Score In The Long Run.
  • The Simplest, Fastest Way To Easily Rebuild Your Credit Even If It’s Tanked.
  • My Secret Spending Strategies To Dramatically Increase Your Monthly Spend (And Rack Up Points Like A Madman) Without Using Your Own Money.
  • Watch "Over My Shoulder" and See The Exact Resources I Use To Book Cheap First-Class Flights And 5-Star Hotels That No One Else Talks About.
  • How To Make Travel Hacking Work Even If You're Traveling With Multiple People Or A Big Family.
  • Sneaky Hotel Upgrade Strategies To Get Upgraded To Suite And Penthouse Rooms Without Paying A Single Extra Penny.
  • A List Of All My Favorite Airlines and Hotels For World-Class Luxury Experiences
  • Unlimited VIP Support From Me Directly
  • Free Lifetime Updates To The Program.
  • And Much More!

If you take action today, you'll also get these 5 exclusive bonuses

Bonus #1: Private Members-Only Facebook Group

Inside this private group, you can network with other luxury travel hackers, ask questions, and get support on anything you need 24/7.

Plus I'll be in there to share exclusive travel hacking strategies not seen anywhere else and help out any way I can.

When you join Lux Travel Hacks today, you get lifetime access to this private group.

Bonus #2: Travel Hacker's Guide To Credit Score Secrets

Your credit score is the backbone of your ability to become a travel hacker. Without a good credit score you won't be able to qualify for the best travel credit cards.

With this simple guide, quickly find the most accurate ways to check your score, understand the truth behind how it's calculated, and how to easily raise it even if it's tanked.

Bonus #3: Max Points Cheat Sheet

Discover all the secrets to get up to 10x the value for your points.  Inside I'll show you the exact cards and programs you need to use for airlines, hotels, dining, misc. travel, and more.

Everything is broken down for you in an easy-to-reference chart so you never have to worry about where you should and shouldn't redeem for points for max value.

Bonus #4: Credit Card Rolodex (Constantly Updated) 

Credit card companies constantly change offers all the time. What if you had a simple resource that had all the current best credit card offers at your fingertips?

This constantly updated rolodex will keep you on the bleeding edge of which cards you should and shouldn’t sign up for.

Bonus #5: My Personal Travel Hacking Vault

Get a breakdown of trips I’ve taken and all future trips as well. Discover the exact cards I used, the amount of points I redeemed, the hotel I stayed at, and more.

Also includes over the shoulder breakdowns of how I book my trips. There's no better way to learn the process than watching me do it myself.

Here's a recap of everything You'll get Today

$497 Today Only

  • Lifetime access to Lux Travel Hacks with 80+ step-by-step videos to transform you into an expert luxury travel hacker. 
  • Bonus #1 - Instant access to our private members-only Facebook group where you can ask questions and get help 24/7 from myself and other Lux Travel Hacks members. 
  • Bonus #2 - My Travel Hacker's Guide To Credit Score Secrets which will help you master your credit score so you're always able to apply for the best travel cards. 
  • Bonus #3 - The Max Points Cheat Sheet which reveals all the insider secrets to get up to 10x the value for your points. 
  • Bonus #4 - My (constantly updated) Credit Card Rolodex which shows you the best cards any travel hacker should sign up for at any given moment. 
  • Bonus #5 - My Personal Travel Hacking Vault which breaks down all past and future trips. Watch over my shoulder to see my exact process behind booking luxury trips for pennies on the dollar. 

you got questions? we got answers

Won't opening too many cards hurt my credit score?

Nope that's a a huge myth. While your score may in impacted in the short run, as long as you open the cards the way I show you inside Lux Travel Hacks, you'll be fine. Long term, it's actually better for you to have more accounts since it shows you have you have more limits, more age, etc...

Don't I need to be rich to fly first class (even if i'm travel hacking)?

No that's a huge myth. I've coached people who make $50k per year who were able to take first class flights to Italy in less than 60 days starting from nothing. It's all about knowing how to accumulate and maximize the value of your points. 

what is the minimum credit score needed To become a travel hacker?

You need a credit score of at least 650 to make this work.

But don't worry if it's less than that. I have an entire module in Lux Travel Hacks dedicated to helping you build and fix your credit score from the ground up. Don't let a poor credit score keep you from taking your dream trip.

What kind of support do I get from you when i join?

This is where I roll out the red carpet for my members. Not only do you get VIP email support from me directly but you also get lifetime access to our private Facebook group where you can network other Lux Travel Hacks members and ask anything you want 24/7. 

Does This work for cruises too or is it just flights and hotels?

In theory, yes. But the BEST value is always flights and hotels (in that order), so I don't discuss anything about cruises in the course cause it'd be "wasting" your points unless you had a TON laying around.

Does this work for car rentals too?

Certain credit cards give you rental car status and have some benefits but for the most part, this program is focused on flights and hotels. 

I already have a bunch of credit card points, Will Lux Travel Hacks still help me?

100%. In fact, you'll be 10 steps ahead of everyone else. If you already have a ton of points saved up over the years and never used them...oh boy, you are in for a lot of fun lol. 

Do you need to be a business owner to make this work?

No. Owning a business definitely has its perks when it comes to points but it's definitely not a requirement. 

How long will it take to take fly first class for the first time?

Great news, not long. I always say someone who's starting from ground zero shouldn't take more than 30 days to take their first first class flight. If you already have a ton of points racked up, you might just be a couple days away from booking a first class flight. But if you already have a credit card, you're already halfway there. 

Does Lux Travel Hacks work for traveling anywhere?

Yes literally anywhere in the world you want to travel to, Lux Travel Hacks (except maybe North Korea lol). I've had clients use my system to travel first class to Italy, Toronto, Sydney, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Africa, Portugal, and so much more. 

I always get denied for credit cards I apply to, can you help me? 

Yup. Not only will I show you why this happens but I'll show you exactly how to fix it inside Lux Travel Hacks.

Does this work for people outside the uS (for ex, canada)?

Yes and no. The overall points and travel concepts I teach inside the program hold true anywhere in the world. But the actual credit, credit card, and financial concepts apply to the US only. So Lux Travel Hacks works where you are but there might need to be a few tweaks made. If you're not sure about your specific case, shoot me an email at and I'll help you out.

Does Lux Travel Hacks work if you're traveling with multiple people or a big family?

Yes 100%. But please keep in mind it all depends on the amount of points you have. For example, a family of 5 flying first class to Italy costs a lot more than 2 people taking that same trip. But either way, the system you'll learn in Lux Travel Hacks will substantially reduce your traveling costs (no matter how big your travel crew is).

Is this even sustainable? How do you keep accumulating a ton of points to travel in luxury consistently?

Great question. The first (and obvious) answer is credit card sign-up bonuses which can quickly give you a windfall of points. But obviously that's not sustainable in the long run. Which is why I also teach a bunch of different strategies in Lux Travel Hacks to increase you monthly spend without losing money. 

What are the best credit cards for travel hacking?

This is something I go really in-depth on inside Lux Travel Hacks. It depends on what cards you already have, what your goals are, and where you're traveling. But don't worry, I'll tell you exactly which cards you should and shouldn't apply for. 

What Members Of Lux Travel Hacks Have To Say

Join Lux Travel Hacks 100% Risk Free

Go through the entire Lux Travel Hacks program over the next 14 days.

Watch all the training, go through all the case studies, interact in our Facebook group…

And if you don’t think it’s worth at least 10x what you paid, I’ll refund 100% of your investment.

No questions asked. No hassles. No surveys. No guilt trips. Nada.

How’s that for a guarantee?

If you travel even once per year, you'll make back the cost of Lux Travel Hacks on your first trip.

It truly is a no-brainer for anyone who travels. 

See you in first class,
- Andy